Welcome. We're home, again.

Don't ever say the word "solar panels" around us, our real estate agent or our lender, please! This was the 3rd time buying/selling a home and it has been....a learning experience. I want to say hell, but when the outcome is something you wanted it's not really hell.

We almost walked away even from the closing table...it was THAT nuts as to whether we'd get the house or not. We were a back-up offer and we had everything needed, we were set, we were on top of our game and had the down payment.

It took 3 weeks to even know if the original offer was going to fall though, but I just KNEW it would. (This was my first foray into manifesting and it was exhausting and successful!). We finally got the call they fell though (I did feel truly sad for them, they fought a good fight) then we had to be interviewed by the old couple... huh? They needed to meet with us and ask us questions before they accepted our offer.

And let me tell you, THAT was one emotional roller coaster. Nearly everyone there ended up in tears. Happy tears and sad tears. My husband knocked it out of the park with how much he loved this house because it was SO different than any other home in our city...and it truly is. She choked up and shed a tear. I told her how it made me feel like being back in Italy and she then smiled so big.

These were people who had lived here their entire married life, made this house and garden what it is, a total labor of love, and are now looking at the very end....and that's enough of that thought process :(. *We ended up waiting days to hear if they accepted our offer, another excruciating wait. But they did.

Finally, we were in escrow. We were told it would close mid June, 21 day escrow was one of the main reasons they wanted us. Guess when we closed?? July 5th! (1 day

after our 9 year anniversary). Sooo needless to say, they made us jump through a crap-ton of hoops. Basically, they had some poor decisions on their part that affected the sale and transfer of the house. *whispers*...leased solar panels. aahhh The lawyers,

the manpower

and the clout that had to be thrown around to get this house to be ours WITHOUT the dumbest lease agreement ever....oh man, we should have walked away. But I'm so freaking stubborn that when I say I want something, just get. out. of. my. way.

But LOOK! SEE why we're so stubborn:

That door, custom from Mexico.. in THAT color, I melted.

I imagine reading here and on all the benches surrounding.

adobe home and garden
It's that one-story ranch style I literally dreamed about having.

This is just the outside... wait until you see the inside (Ha. HA.), I'll give you a glimpse. Then you'll wonder WTH we were thinking....

Here's a glimpse of a living room..... their age is showing :)

Yep, that's orange. But the kitchen is huge...and that's a wine cabinet built in soooo...yep.

Yes, it was bad...but the POTENTIAL was sooo there. And it's already so much better! Tuscany meet modern California :) Wait until you see our initial round of renovations. It changed it so much!

***The icing on the cake...it's still not the whole house I wanted. I dreamed of a long, ranch style house (and that's not common here in So Cal, everything is narrow or 2 story...so it was a pipe-dream). Zinger: It's 2 houses we have to join together...sooo...look out world renovations are coming!

You'll see the pain and paper stripping jobs we did to update it so it was at least not-so-cringe-worthy when I woke up every day.

Until next time.

Live happy!