This is the ULTIMATE Monday!! Can you believe it? This is not only Monday, a great day for new mindset and new beginnings, but the last day of 2018. Monday is a great way to get the week started, the month started and the year started.

So that means you should be SUPER intentional with today. Do NOT miss out on this opportunity to get yourself in the right mindset for this week. I don't set resolutions, they just set us up for failure. And based on a survey I saw, neither do most Americans. I think that's great, we need to be more positive in our lives and with ourselves.

However, I do set a word, phrase or goal. In the years past I have said "balance" or "Stressing less" or "calm", "just do it" and on the flip-side "say NO" (because I said 'yes' to so much I was torn apart and overwhelmed). This year my word is "success". It's an over-reaching word though. I don't want it to mean just one thing but a variety of things in a variety of situations. - I want to be successful in maintaining my positive mindset. - I want my clients to be successful.- I want my businesses to be successful (fitness & marketing management)- I want my children to FEEL successful in their endeavors.- I want my marriage to feel and be successful I want to be successful and that has always meant a lot of things in my book/my mind. So I chose to focus on simply- being better in all things I choose to focus on at the times I need to focus on it. That is beginning to mean, I will let myself be me and let that lead me to simply be better...and THAT is what success means to me TODAY at the end of 2018, it might change mid-2019 but for now, I choose SUCCESS. How about you? What do YOU choose this New Year?