Sleep more-> StressLess (Sleep or gym?)

One of the most popular questions trainers get(at least it was for me when I owned a on-on-one training gym) is "if I'm so overly tired should I sleep or still wake up and go to the gym?"

We all know that sleep is important for health. I ask my clients about their sleep ALL. THE. TIME. But with the way I schedule my day and how I pack it full, paired with my anxiety and tendency to overthink everything.... I'm more of a "do as I say, not as I do" type person.

There are 2 days a week I have to wake up at 3:40am to train some bootcamps. I have been trying to go to bed at 8:30pm on those days. On the other days I try and stay up until 10pm to get stuff done or at least visit with my husband after the kids are gone (because man, those kids and their satellite ears...some conversations just have to happen after bedtime! lol). I'm so exhausted many days that I should be able to fall asleep right as soon as my head hits the pillow...SHOULD being the operative word here. Buuut...that's when my brain turns on it's hyperdrive, YAY brain!

As a mom, it's so important to be rested so we can have what it takes to handle life and all the things that go along with kids. As a wife, we need to have energy and motivation to keep moving forward and work as a team in this thing we call life. As a personal trainer I need energy to train camps and be motivating to other tired moms. As a human, we just need sleep to help us be...a good I right??

So the answer I always gave to that most-popular questions was... Sleep. Because if you're not rested, the workout wont be worth it and your mindset will eventually downgrade and will have the domino effect on the rest of your life... not in a positive way.

And here I am, trying to do my best at fitting in the work I love to do while still being home and around for my girls during the day and smashing some of my StressLess FatLoss workouts... It's truly the dream..without actual dreams.

Then I found Refresh from Human Elements. They actually sent it to me, maybe it was a sign because it randomly showed up in the mail the very same day a friend said "how are you? You seem tired..." Wow. Message received hahaha.

The ingredients are the exact same as many of the supplements I already take, just in different doses. So I waited about 2 weeks off of all my ashwaghanda, rhodiola, l-theanine just to know that it was Refresh and not what I already took (sporadically). Plus, Refresh has so many more ingredients I have wanted to take. So it seemed perfect....

I took it and actually slept well and feel so great! You should give it a shot, if you're lacking sleep and are looking for some help (and have spoken to your doctor, never take supplements without consulting a doc!) this might just be your new go-to.

And no, my response to clients isn't to go find a pill to help, but it's important to take care of your mind as much as your body. I always say mind first, then body.

StressLess DoMore,