Poor DIY husband-House update

Soooo we were supposed to do one of our bathrooms nearly 3 months ago. And now, we maaayyybe starting to get it done. You can see why I'm desperate:

This is STILL like this..there is a seat on the right side that blocks you from even standing up!

This was from the listing.... We have painted it white and stripped the wallpaper...and that's it!

Note: the old person shower (anyone in the market for one?? It's only slightly awesome and was BRAND new when we got it. Maybe they never showered??)

So we had this all planned out from the Design Center and wanted to get it done when school was on Ski Week break, (in February) but then my husband had a business trip. So then we wanted to do it again when we were on Spring Break (April), but my husband had a business trip. Then last week was THE WEEK....aaannnddd poof, leaving on an airplane. See the pattern?

Well, let's get to how us DIY'ers (to be read, my DIY-husband-who-won't-let-me-hire-anyone) began the next round of renovations.......

We used the new Home Depot design center, which was a rather simple experience. We had already had a contractor's number and after speaking with Home Depot and all the nearly-unnecessary things they were going to do we decided to use the contractor that was passed on to us, just to save a few $ (nearly $10k). The benefit to Mr. DIY was that the contractor would "let him help"...so now he's manly again.....hahaha.

I found really neat vanities at Lowes that I really liked, bonus was that they were only $300 each.....so Home Depot changed our design to include those vanities, our designer even looked them up on Lowe's website to get the right specs, so sweet. :) And those vanities saved us another $3k in materials and $2k in labor.

AAAAnd so now those vanities sit. In our breezeway.

In boxes.

3 months later.

And I'm still showering in an old person shower.

Here's the kicker. We now have all of those materials for the shower renovation sitting in our garage. Let's see how long they sit there :). I hope not long, I NEED a new shower.

I'm starting to feel sorry for my DIY husband...and for me...for having to deal with a DIY husband who can't DIY with a big-kid job.