Monday Mindset

***This is the Monday mindset from my SLFL Members Group...but I felt everyone should intentionally set a mindset this week***

It's here! The week of Thanksgiving (and for me, the week of: my dad's b-day/Thanksgiving/my bday...and traveling). I really enjoy this week, Steve and I have made some great traditions over the last 10 years and frankly, the tradition is that we get to do what we want, with whomever we want as long as the 4 of us are together. (And yes, it usually includes a 10k.)

Are you excited for the week or does it give you anxiety thinking of the temptations and the "damage" that could be done?

This week I want your mindset to be very specific. I want you to think of YOURSELF and how happy you are to be you and how OKAY you are with where you are at physically/mentally. This is going to sound cheesy but the mindset is: "I'm okay, you're ok"...I totally got that from my mom while she was here last weekend, we threw the mindset chat back to the 70s!

This week is fun and challenging for people who are on a path to fitness and health but this week inevitably comes every year. Why dread yourself and your choices when you can be happy with yourself and your choices? When you stress, you hold weight. When you stress you don't make decisions with your right mind, when you stress you can hold body fat. When you stress about what you're eating it can easily turn you into a stress eater.

"Oh, I've already had *this bad thing* and I had *that bad thing* so I might as well just have more of it and wallow later about it." Sound familiar? It came directly from my own head many times over. But over the last few years I've been able to either make better choices because I was satisfied and didn't need to splurge...OR I decided I wasn't going to hate myself for what I did do because no one wanted to hear me complain and I certainly didn't want to be that person who made themselves overeat and then complain about it for 2 days!

So be YOU, be happily you and know that whatever choices you make, whatever you do you are OKAY and you will be fine. Life goes on, you didn't undo anything (if you go too far overboard) and you didn't deprive yourself (if you chose to stay on a healthy eating plan) because this day will come and go but you got to see your friends and family and they are happy you are who you are, and you should be too!


PS. If you want more of this and nutrition and workouts that go along with having a balanced and healthy mindset don't hesitate to reach out or check out the 6-week program here (