Intuitive or Intentional??

Intuitive eating is not really intuitive {anymore}...

Say whaaat?? Think about it. If eating intuitively was all you needed to do to lose body fat, don't you think you'd be there, or not gotten where you are currently? (Supposing fat loss is your goal). If intuition was all we needed then losing body fat it should be simple, just make the right choices! Okay, but....**our Intuition is broken**.

It's broken because of too much. Too many options, too much info to sort through, too many diets, too many ways of eating and NOT enough consistency.

◇ Intention leads to consistency and consistency leads to results. ◇

People who eat intuitively most likely are people who have, in the past, talked about and put into practice tracking macros and logging their food <and now can't stand it>. They probably logged and weighed their food for years, maybe never taking a break from logging. They weighed every ounce of cheese and measured every tablespoon on almond butter or cooking oil. The did log, and now they talk about NOT logging and how "they don't need to".

Here's the deal, the information learned from tracking and logging is vital when trying to eat intuitively....they know what, how much and when to eat because of the close attention they paid to nutrition in the past. Every morsel they weighed and logged was then committed to memory and they can recall the correct size of a portion of chicken or what a tablespoon roughly looks like. They know what healthy swaps to make so their meal is within the proper range for their personal macro needs. They may not be logging right now and still be looking spectacular but all that logging was what got them where they are today...because intuition when it comes to food is not what it should be anymore they were able to re-train their intuition (.*spoiler alert*...actually eating intentionally, not simply from their gut-feelings) so they can make the choices that help them hit goals.

While you're waiting for you intuition to be fixed, focus on INTENTION. Eat with intention. Workout with intention. Live with intention 💙....happiness follows and goals are achieved. . .

My clients that are doing either the StressLess FatLoss program or 1-on-1 training learn to track learn their own body's needs and to understand portion sizes. They do not track forever. Some find they want to and some find they abhor it.... I let them go with what they want and guide them toward what they need. Happiness brings success.