Have you experienced "burnout"? I don't mean in only a fitness way but in a whole-body, "just done with everything", "I can't do it anymore", "I need more than a vacation" kind of burnout.

This kind:

- When you can't (not don't want to, CAN'T) get out of bed.

- The ringing phone makes you sweat.

- You're gaining weight and don't even eat

- You're losing weight and can't eat

- When sleep seems possible but when you wake up it's like it never really happened

- You're more "blah" than you are happy or you're even angry

I sat at a women's conference on this very topic and while there felt that I was not only in the company of some amazing women- CEOs of fortune 1000 companies, top legal council for massive corporations etc.- but also that I knew what they were talking about. I had been there, or was certainly heading there quickly before I stopped it in its tracks.

Now, my way of stopping it was not a conscious, well-thought out plan. However it did come about because I felt it bubbling from the inside and life was giving me some signals, it even gave me an "out" from the path I was on. I was that woman with my blackberry in my hand during labor checking emails and texts. I was that woman who was intent on coming back to the grind as soon as I could get back to my laptop. I worked from home, therefore I was going to be able to hold, cuddle, nurse and nap my new precious bundle while getting my conference calls and reports done. Yeah. No. That lasted 2 months.....2 months more toward

burnout that didn't have to happen.

Life handed me the opportunity to DECIDE if I wanted to continue working the grind or take some time and be home. I know not everyone gets the chance to move to a cheaper state, have a spouse whose job can support the family or had a job that graciously allowed you to work from home until you decided what you were to do next. But I did. Had I not had that I would have been on a path towards self destruction. I took time for me to decompress my mind, to learn what my body really needed and I took a step back from shoving myself forward in all things in life.

That was the first step in my journey to understanding what "less is more" really means. I actually began working out less and found MORE to my life.

I found success in LIFE when I had a plan to follow, something that gave me permission to do less and still be healthy.

This is how I did it: www.stresslessfatloss.com