Bigger is not better

Who would have thought that moving back to CA would bring a simpler life?? But it did! There were so many reasons that went into us deciding to move back to San Diego but when we decided we are lucky that my husband is in an in-demand career in biotech...and San Diego is a hub for it...that helped us make the decision to come back. Not to mention, we just loved it there...and I was dying in the winter in Missouri. Like, shriveling up and whining for 5 months of the year.

We moved to Missouri thinking that it may be better for us as a new family. Coming from Pacific Beach beach cruising everywhere, just hanging out with friends at beach bars living in our condo, it was very expensive and tight. We wanted to try the bigger house, more land and much lower cost of living. Because "bigger is better" right? So we tried it. I quit my job. We got the 4k sqft house, acreage, grass, patios, more rooms than we had kids for...the whole shebang. I mean come on, it was 1/4 the price of our 1 bedroom condo we had! And I loved the country-porch look. Easy Peasy.

This was a dream, wrap around, back-side porch and running room, noone around and our own woods. This Californian's image of a dream

But when I was becoming a stay at home mom I realized I had to (or felt I should) clean it all, ugh. I had rooms needing vacuuming I never went into. I don't even know how the dust got there, or why there was laundry on the one of the guest beds or how long it had been there. We filled it with STUFF. We got so much STUFF, tables and seating sets and decorations, just things I never realized was so unnecessary until I had it. It was already painted and nothing needed to be remodeled since I needed a move-in ready home at 7 months preggo.

After living in it 2 months, I had a baby so we never went up and down the stairs, the play room was too far from the gym area and too many floors below the was stressful and not set up for a brand new family. The yard was huge, my husband would be out there

Most of the mowing was not in the was an acre behind and all up front.

mowing on the riding mower for like 3 was so frustrating when I just wanted/needed him to be inside since I needed a break from baby time to run my own business....and take care of the house things (which I was still not good at).

Add in plenty of other reasons, we just decided we needed a change....change is good. It's motivating and invigorating.

So after 5 winters we decided we were totally ok with the Sunshine Tax you pay to live in CA....we can't complain, we chose to be here. Like everyone else who is still here, or came back.

And so right before the first snow, we closed on the sale and crammed almost 4k sqft of stuff (everything we didn't give away) into 1300 sqft rental until we could find what and where we wanted....And I was soaking it up! I could see the girls no matter where they were, I could clean it in no-time. I could hear anyone talking from anywhere...and no stairs to chase a toddler up and down while trying to do dishes or laundry or...anything. I could get it all done! It was a new feeling of all because we didn't have so much STUFF or space to cram it into.

And the yard... oh the yard. I could let them play and I could sit on the chair and watch...because the yard in the old place was too big and the porch was 2 stories off the ground, not conducive for an anxiety ridden mom who doesn't let them too far away, or far enough to wander into the woods!

Then the house hunt began.... try combining a Californian's (me) wants (not much just beach access within a reasonable time and slightly bigger than what we crammed into & I wanted a ranch style) and a Missourian's need for space...and in San Diego space was why we left in the first place...haha. Here we goooo!

Did we find it??... Hint: yep.